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Welcome to Bright Ideas Loading Books, where young minds embark on thrilling adventures through the pages of our children's books. From scientific tales to educational stories, we offer a collection that sparks creativity and curiosity in young readers.

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Bright Ideas Loading Books go beyond traditional storytelling to ignite a passion for learning and exploration in children. Through captivating narratives and vibrant illustrations, they aim to inspire young readers to dream big and think outside the box.

While joining Lexi the Lightbulb on a journey through the world of clinical research, Bright Ideas Loading Books foster a love for reading and discovery in children. Let us guide you to a world where bright ideas and endless possibilities await!

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Embark on exciting adventures with our children's books that ignite curiosity in young readers and spark their imagination.

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Discover the joy of learning through our educational stories that make complex medical topics accessible and engaging for young minds.

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Unleash creativity with our collection of books that encourage innovative thinking and inspire children to explore new ideas.

Meet the Author

Bridget Chapital, aka "The Clinical Trials Lady", is a health education professional with more than two decades of experience in the medical research industry. Bridget helps researchers launch treatments and cures that benefit people of ALL backgrounds.

As a purpose-driven science communicator, she raises awareness about all things clinical research, which was her inspiration for writing the Bright Ideas Loading Book series.


Bridget Chapital, M.Ed.

"A Kids' Guide to Medical Research"
-Coming Fall 2024-

Embark on an amazing adventure into the world of clinical research alongside Lexi the Lightbulb, a curious and lovable character who adores exploring! In this delightful storybook, children and adults, alike, will enjoy a playful and interactive exploration of the alphabet, where they will discover the fascinating world of medical research, a field bursting with creativity and the power to positively impact our world.

This book is perfect for children ages 5-12, parents, educators, health care professionals and anyone interested in making health topics accessible and fun for kids.

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